La description

Type : Achat
Date : 30 octobre 2021
Etat : Réservé
Prix : 9000
Contact : 360-358-7245
Marque : Autre
Kilométrage : 0
Emplacement : 238 7th Ave, Kirkland, WA 98033

2 Liter Dry sumped 420S / BDG Engine.

Freshly rebuilt, fully run in & dyno tested.

Sterling Metals Alloy block with new Top Hat 90 mm. Cast Iron Liners. (1975cc.)

Ladder Main Frame, newly line bored.

Steel Crank std main std big end and Rods.

New pistons & rings, all new valve buckets, springs and shims all new bearings.

Big BDG Spec Head valve. 3 bolt exhaust flange.

Piper 300 Duration Camshafts.

Twin Weber 50DCOE Side Draft Carburettors. 42mm. Chokes. With throttle linkage.

ARP Head studs & Steel Laminar Gasket.

Back Belt drive water pump assembly.

Including Lucas Constant Energy Ignition System & Distributor.

Run In and tested by DTW Engines Ltd.

Max power 242 bhp @ 8000 rpm. Max Torque 177 ft.lbs. @ 6500 rpm.

Over 150 ft. Lbs of torque from 4000 to 8250 rpm. Dyno test sheet & power curves scans attached.

Asking price $ 9,000